Physical Science

Summer Institute 2018

Engineering Energy 5E Learning Sequence Tool

Day 2: Kinematics

Sling Shot Assessment

3D Instructionally Embedded Assessment using SYSTEMS

Sling Shot - Garbanzo Launcher.doc

Notetaker for Slingshot Activity: Create your own sling shot! This activity focuses on community building while exploring concepts of engineering, energy and motion using sling shots.

Where did the energy come from? Where did the energy go for each situation?

Energy Stations Card Sort

Energy Stations Card Sort

PREDICT: What would happen if…?How was energy transferred?Sort according to types of energy
Day 1: Energy Stations Activity

Energy Exploration Stations Notetaker

Conservation of Energy Informational Text

Informational Supporting Text with Teacher Annotations

Modeling Sentence Stems.pdf
Have modeling question stems for each student to ask each other about their model. (Choose a category)Student 1 explains model for 2 minutesStudent 2 asks questions for 2 minutes Switch partners, repeatSee if you can come to consensus or add anything
Day 1: Model Sharing Sentence Stems.docx
Gravity Bowling Lab.doc
Have participants get into teamsGenerate a series of questions to investigateIntroduce questioning (with students)Predict: how to transfer more energy through collisions? (heavier ball? More targets?)
Gravity Bowling 2.mp4
Gravity Bowling 1.mp4

Day 3: Conquer the Loop! Survive the Crash!

Conquer the Loop
Assessment: What is necessary to for a car to successfully make it through a loop? Use Part A as an initial assessment and then use Part B as a closing assessment where students can add new predictions and questions.
How High Will I Go
On a U-shaped track, the car goes up the hill to the same height (less losses due to friction) as where it started, irrespective of mass or the slope of the ramp.Can you make it through the loop? Think about:Ramp Height?Ramp slope (steepness)?Car mass?Formulate a group prediction

Conquer the Loop - Stronger Clearer.docx
The car made it safely through the loop because ____________.
Survive the Crash
Evaluate your predictions. How do your results suggest how cars should be designed for safety?Use Part B to test your model. Write your reflections in your Science Notebook. (5 min)Think, Pair, Share (Focus on listening in pairs) (5 min for Pair discussion, 5 min for sharing out as a class.)
Activity Matrix
Use this reflection tool to assess teacher and student moves throughout each activity. Also, take a look at the connections to the science and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts. How can you ensure voice equity in your groups in your classroom?
Energy Agree Disagree.docx
This can be used as a pre and post formative assessment
Energy Fan-n-Pick Directions and Cards
Use this as a group discussion activity to agree or disagree on kinetic and potential energy
Fan-n-Pick Card Sort.pdf

Day 4: Chemical Energy

Watch the video on mute first and then you can show the students how he explains the phenomenon later on in the lesson sequence. This is a great way to introduce chemical reactions and there is a huge amount of energy stored in hydrocarbon fuels.Materials: Gas line, Beaker, Dish Soap, Tea candle, Matches
Chemical Reactions and Energy.docx
Reactions can produce light and thermal energy. Materials: Glow sticks, hand warmers, tea candle
A Battery that Makes Cents
A Battery That Makes Cents: We can build a battery out of simple materials! Materials: Pennies, nickels, paper towels, plates, vinegar, salt water, foil, multimeters
Charging Batteries
Charging Batteries: Informational Text
Modeling Reactions using Bond Energies.docx
Adult Learning: Looking at bond energies of chemical reactions

Bubble Baggies Activity: Brainstorm ideas on what evidence there is that a reaction produces energy. Make a prediction for a chemical reaction. Materials: CaCl2, NaHCO3, water¸ sandwich bags (with zip)

Bubble Baggies Lab Instructions.docx
Half sheets to help with managing papers for students!
Stronger clearer New Substances.docx
Notetaker for Stronger, Clearer
CER Organizer new substances.docx
Notetaker for Claim, Evidence, Reasoning
Reading for Bubble Baggies 5th.docx
5th Grade Level: Informational Text
Bubble BAG.docx
Incorporate math and scale/proportion/quantity using this modified activity called "Bubble Bag"
Newsela elem-sci-energy-29112-article_only.pdf
4th Grade Newsela Informational Text: Matter and Energy
Cross Cutting Concept Analysis in Activities

Day 5: Getting Energized with Energy

Getting Energized with Engineering: Note Catcher
Getting Energized with Engineering Notetaker: Using engineering to make the energy standards come alive in the 4th grade classroom.
Presentation Protocol1.docx
Communicating Information: Presentation Protocol for students to present their findings