Lesson Study

Lesson Study is an inquiry cycle in which teacher teams collaborate to plan and create lessons, deepen their knowledge of content, unpack student thinking and work together to improve instruction.  ESP participants explore, observe and improve science teaching and learning in their classrooms using the NGSS three dimensional framework and the lesson study process.

Lesson Study Launch .pdf

Lesson Study Launch

Lesson Study Day 2.pdf

Meeting # 2

Lesson Study Meeting# 3.pdf

Meeting #3

Lesson Study Meeting# 4.pdf

Meeting #4

Lesson Study Meeting 5 Agenda.pdf

Observation Day Agenda

SWA Teacher Facing Master.docx

Asset-based Student Work Analysis Protocol-teacher facing

2021-2022 SWA Facilitator Guide.docx

Asset-based Student Work Analysis Protocol-facilitator form

ESP Observation Plan/ Notes

Lesson Study Observation Planning Document