Life Science

Summer Institute 2018

3rd Grade Milkweed Learning Sequence

3rd Monarch Learning Sequence

Summer Institute Notebook

3rd grade notebook.v4.pptx

Day 2: Introduction to Life Cycles

Life Cycle Cards (Milkweed Bug, Monarch)

Milkweed Bug

Milkweed Plant

Monarch Butterfly

SFUSD: Fact or Opinion Video (Kindergarten)

Fact or Opinion Sentence Frames

Day 3: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Clam Sex Video

Lizard Rock, Paper, Scissors

Other Life Cycle Cards (Lady Bug, Cockroach, etc)

Day 4: Traits and the Environment

Environment Card Game

Administrators and teachers with live milkweed bugs

Teachers making sense of life cycle patterns

Adult Learning Presentations


Day 5: The Insect Zoo!

We observed insect behaviors first hand with the Insect Zoo from Dr. Nazzy Pakpour! Live insects were our guests of honor as we held, observed, squealed, and laughed at the behaviors of these little creatures.